General caster casted hyperlink column info not appearing in custom notification

Using general caster, is it true that I cannot include a casted hyperlink in a custom notification? I can cast the url text to a hyperlink column for sure but I haven’t been able to include it in the notification message. Would anyone happen to know what are the casted columns truly supported in’s auto-populate fields? (I know casted dates will definitely show in the notifications if it’s selected as one of the fields to merge in custom notifications.) My use case: I introduced the client to the item id column so that they could merge the item it with a survey link prefix because every survey link is unique. Then, in the scenario that the person is not part of the platform , they would be emailed the survey link. Formulas are definitely not a supported auto-populated field so I casted it into a hyperlink column. I’m allowed to select the Link column as an auto-populated field but it won’t actually appear in the notification when I set off the automation.

Hey @MissLiz
Monday notifications don’t support hyperlinks by design.
You need to send an email.

Hi @MissLiz!

Glad to see that @rob could help-- he’s indeed right.

For these, you would most likely need to paste the entirety of the URL link as a string (a text).