General Caster formula to detect change between creation and updated dates

I am trying to use general caster to detect if there is a change between creation and updated dates.

The following doesn’t seem to work:
IF({item’s Created Time}<> {item’s Updated Time}, “Different”, “Same”)

Let me know the correct formula to use.

Thank you

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Hey @Syam
Please replace <> with != and let me know if it works.

Thanks Rob, Matias.

It did not work unfortunately.

My automation recipe is:
If any column changes, perform formula and cast result to Status

where formula is IF({item’s Created Time} != {item’s Updated Time}, “Yes”, “No”)

BTW, I have been using free version of Caster.

Thank you

What do you mean it doesn’t work?
Do you get any errors or simply you don’t see the result in the destination column?
In the formula I see you use diagonal quotes, please make sure to use straight quotes (").

Hi Rob,
Thank you. The issue is — result is not written to the destination status column.


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