General Caster is here. Get rid of formula columns!

Hello @robmulally!

Thank you for the feedback. We know this is a requested feature. I will share your feedback about the feature not being native to monday with our team :slightly_smiling_face:



I have to be missing something obvious… I have the free version, but based on the documentation I believe it should function as intended. I am simply testing the casting of a text column to a text column, no other formulas.

When I first click the text input column, it says {undefined’s Text Input}. When I hit done and go back into the formula, it then says {pulse.Text Input}. When I change the status of my item to trigger the integration, I get a #NAME? error. I don’t understand how because there should be no syntax errors.


Did you find a solution to this? I am having the same issue but on a new board it works fine

I did not. Gave up on testing General Caster after this.

That’s definitely a Monday’s problem.
General Caster doesn’t manage the integration window, Monday does.
If, when you click on a column button at the bottom of the formula box, you get an incorrect column reference, General Caster can’t link to it.
Please report the problem to Monday’s support.

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Roger that, will do.

I’m having a hard time connecting with General Caster support team using the email on their website so I thought I’d bring my issues to the monday community to see if I can get help here.

Here are details on the GC recipe I"m using and an explanation of what I need it to do. I know my formula needs revised to meet the specifications of General Caster but don’t know what it should be. Looking for help ASAP!

Thank you<

Hello there @Carrie,

I believe the syntax is not correct in your GC formula.

You can find the documentation on how to format it here.

@rob would you be able to help build this formula here?


Hey @Carrie
Sorry for my late reply.
I confirm the formula is not correct.
You need to use an Excel-like syntax, as explained in our documentation.
As you are working with a Duration column you need to use a Helper function, which requires a M plan or higher.

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Thank you @rob !!

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Hello, as of this morning General Caster paid features are not running and the website is no longer accessible.

Is this app still being supported?

Hello there @meti_integration,

Does this problem persist for you? I see the website and the integration works on my end.


Sorry for the problem, @meti_integration.
We experienced a temporary outage, now fixed.

Hi @rob, I am trying to calculate the next due date of a cat vaccine for our foster system. I’m using conditionals as the duration between vaccinations changes depending on how many they’ve already had and how old they are.

I created the formula in a native Monday formula column, and know that it works. Here it is:
IF({Kitten}, IF({VaccineNo}<3, FORMAT_DATE(ADD_DAYS({Date},28)), FORMAT_DATE(ADD_DAYS({Date},365))), FORMAT_DATE(ADD_DAYS({Date},1095)) )

When I tried to convert it to use in a General Caster integration, I don’t seem to be doing something correctly, as I also get the Jan 1, 1970 result.

IF({pulse.Subitems Kitten},IF({pulse.Subitems VaccineNo}<3,TEXT(DATEVALUE({pulse.Subitems Date})+28,“YYYY-MM-DD”),TEXT(DATEVALUE({pulse.Subitems Date})+365,“YYYY-MM-DD”)),TEXT(DATEVALUE({pulse.Subitems Date})+1095,“YYYY-MM-DD”))

It also keeps auto changing "Item’s " to “pulse.”

Could you please advise where I’m going wrong?

@jodirkh Sorry for my late reply.
Subitems are not directly supported by General Caster.
Only subitems summary columns are.
In this case you need to use a Helper function to get a single value from a set of subitems.

Hi Rob,

I want to merge two hour columns into a text column based on the condition “when one of the hour columns changes.” I attempted to use the CONCATENATE function like this: CONCATENATE({Deal’s Hour Start}, “hh:mm”, " - ", {Deal’s Hour End}, “hh:mm”). However, it’s producing an incomplete result (Hour Start: 08:00, Hour End: 10:00; Text column: 8:0 - 10:0).

Could you please help me identify what I did wrong?

What did I do wrong?

Mmm, that’s strange.

The formula

CONCATENATE({Deal’s Hour Start}, "hh:mm", " - ", {Deal’s Hour End}, "hh:mm")

shouldn’t return

8:0 - 10:0

But you should see "hh:mm" in the result.
What do you get if you perform the following formula?

{Deal’s Hour Start} & " - " & {Deal’s Hour End}

If I perform the formula: {Deal’s Hour Start} & " - " & {Deal’s Hour End}
I get: 8:0 - 10:0

The extra zeros are being skipped at this point.

I am having the same issue others in this thread have had, my General Caster forumla is returning Jan 1 1970 no matter what I do. The same formula is working in a nonautomated non-GC column just using a formula column. also once I get this to work is it possible to have the working days be a negative number, ie in my example have the Date 1 column return Feb 29 -2 days so Feb 27