General Caster Timeline to Date Formula

@rob Hoping maybe you can help?
I’m new to General Caster and am trying to calculate a deadline and cast to a date column, based on several timelines, some in the parent item and some in the subitem.

I was able to write a formula that works, but when I replace the placeholders with the select fields, it returns a formula error. And looking through your documentation, I couldn’t find something for Timeline to Date formulas, only for the opposite case.

Here’s the formula, I’m trying to calculate the expected delivery date by adding 3 days to the last date in the timeline, after checking if subitem timelines exist and taking the absolute last possible date.

IF({task’s Send to Marketing?}=“Yes”,
(if({task’s Subitems Formula DateFormat}=“”,
(FORMAT_DATE((WORKDAY({pulse.Task Timeline},3)),“MMM D”))
(FORMAT_DATE((Workday({task’s Subitems Formula DateFormat},3)),“MMM D”))

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Hey @sharonr
FORMAT_DATE function is not available in General Caster.

Please use TEXT function as replacement.

Hi Rob,

I was able to get the first part working:

if({task’s Send to Marketing}=“Yes”,TEXT(WORKDAY(DATEVALUE(RIGHT({task’s Task Timeline}, 10)), 3), “YYYY-MM-DD”),“Nosend”)

But I can’t pull the subitem summary timeline. When I add it, the result comes back empty. How do I format it to take the last possible date from the summary subitem summary timeline column?

And the above formula is calculating workdays according to the US weekend, is there a way to adjust for a Fri-Sat weekend? Excel WORKDAY.INTL function doesn’t seem to be working.