Generating a document that includes connected boards and mirrored columns with multiple items

Hi, I’m wanting to generate a document (doesn’t matter what; word, excel, pdf) from the data on my board. I’ve tried several of the available ones on the app marketplace, but they all have the same issue - they do not handle connected boards and mirrored columns with multiple entries well.

For example; I want to generate a document from Board A. This board has a connected column that allows multiple items from Board B, along with a mirrored column.

In the main table view of monday itself if you click on the data in the mirrored column it will show you line by line what data belongs to what:

However when you put these column placeholders into document generators, they only output each item in a single row separated by a comma.

Eg; {{connected}} and {{mirrored}}
Just becomes; Item1, Item2, Item3 and Mirror1, Mirror2, Mirror3

I Would like to separate them into individual lines. It would be nice to have the functionality to have placeholders similar to this:

  1. {{connected:1}} and {{mirrored:1}}
  2. {{connected:2}} and {{mirrored:2}}
  3. {{connected:3}} and {{mirrored:3}}

So it becomes;

  1. Item1 and Mirror1
  2. Item2 and Mirror2
  3. Item3 and Mirror3

Does anyone know of a way to achieve this?
I need to keep my boards separate, and I need the ability to do a 2-way link between the boards so I can’t just have 3 separate connected & mirrored columns with a single item in each.

We have done that using . Below is the scenario for that.

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Thanks. Unless I’m missing something this seems to be tied to a pre-existing item in the board at the time of creation rather than being dynamic. I need to be able to generate this document by changing a status or clicking a button associated with a particular item and get the document for that item.

I also don’t see how to grab individual data out from a connected column.

I can help you with that. Sorry for replying late. Let’s connect