Get all available custom templates including template name within account

Have implemented a create project widget which integrates monday with a number of third party applications (via Azure functions).

The widget allows the user to select custom templates we have created within monday. This is driven from a drop down list (the monday ui react dropdown) with the selectable items currently populated by hardcoded values matching existing template names and ids.

I don’t seem to find any way in which to query the api to find all available custom templates along with their names and ids. I can only brute force find the ids based upon boards already using them. This would not be suitable as does not recognise new unused templates.

Has any one managed this through the GraphQL api? If so how?

Hi @alan.every

Last time I checked in with appsupport team they confirmed there is no query to get all account templates. It’s on their list. What I do as a workaround is to query board_kind: public and state:active and get the id and the permissions. Then I go through the returned boards and check if permissions is set to “owners”. Not 100% fool proof but it will most likely give you the account templates. To make it fool proof my app requires a specific string (in my case [RMB]) in the description and along with checking the permissions the app checks for that string anywhere in the desription.

Not the best workaround… but at least something that works.

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Many thanks. I’ll give that a go and see how it stacks up. Seems a better option than my current hard coding.

Thanks for chiming in here @basdebruin! Adding this onto the existing feedback.

@alan.every let us know if you have any other questions at this time.

Hi @Helen

A good suggestion on here, but not really suitable for my client. They have lots of boards across multiple workspaces so quite brute force to find potential templates.

Making this queryable by api would be a useful feature (for me at least) allowing search by type (a template type would be needed) and / or search by name including pattern matching or starts with contains etc.

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I understand @alan.every, I can definitely see how useful this would be.

Thanks for sharing! I’ve submitted as feedback to our developers.

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