Get all items per user of all boards

I can’t find the GraphQL query to get get all items per per user of all board combined.

I want to get a list of all item for user X, it could be that these items are on more than one board.
It is necessary for us to create a dashboard with all items per user for a day and one for the next day and so on.

Hey Jeffrey,

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You can use the “get_items_by_column_value” operation to get all the items assigned to a particular user. This only can query the items on a specific board (not all items on your entire account).

That said, we’ve been talking internally about adding a Search API in the future, to get items matching specific conditions on the account-level. I will pass your vote for this kind of functionality over to the team!


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Hello please add my vote too!


Will do! :raised_hands: