Get Creator UserID from a pulse

Hey there,
I’m trying to solve a flow in which an agent registers a tasks and gets that task assigned to him/herself.
I’m not being able to get information of the creator of the pulse from the API. How can I do that?

Hey Pablo! Dipro here :slight_smile:

If you’re looking for creation info for particular item, you could use the Creation Log – it will show you the timestamp of creation.

Here’s an article with more information – let me know if it helps :+1:


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Hey Dipro,
Thanks for your response.

I have added the creation log column to the board, but it does not return any value:

Hey @PabloVerano – ah, I guess I was mistaken. Looks like the Creation Log does not show the creator of the item.

Let me check with our team and get back to you with another suggestion., do you have any ideas?

Any updates on this? It seems kind of useless to have the Creation log column but only be able to use it from the webapp.

Hey Pablo,

Dipro here! Thanks for pinging us. You can use the “text” field on the creation log column to get the timestamp of when a particular item was created.

For the creator of an item, you can use the “Creator” field as well:

Let me know if that’s what you were looking for! :smiley_cat: