Get SubItem values through API


I need to gel all subitem values for the specific board.

My steps:

  1. Getting board (id 1087268631) items and looking for sub-items.

So, ids for sub items are [1087268826, 1087268835, 1087300566, 1087301038]

  1. Getting sub items values by ids [1087268826, 1087268835, 1087300566, 1087301038]

  1. As result I see no items. What am I doing wrong?

Hey @Igor_Tretiakov :wave:

That’s quite odd. I’ve just tested this on my end, and was able to get the results without issues. Perhaps it might makes sense to skip the “boards” part of the query altogether, and query for the item IDs directly, like below?

query {
  items (ids:[1122852137, 1122852134, 1122852086] ){
    group {
    column_values {

Here is a sample result that this provides for me when querying subitems:

I hope this helps at all :slight_smile:


Thank you for your help.

That’s quite odd.

I agree with that. It worked with “boards” part 2 days ago.

Now I have to remove it.

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Thank you for following up on this!

From my point of view, I do see the “boards” part as somewhat redundant in this case, as it doesn’t provide any kind of output in terms of your values. Please let me know if the solutoin proivded abov works well for you - I’d love to confirm :slight_smile:


Yes, it works!!


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