Get valid URL in 'Link' field using the Github integration


I’m looking for a way to get a clickable url into an item that was synchronized using the Github integration. When I assign the ‘URL’ field from github to a ‘Link’ field in Monday I get the link which results in 404 when I click on it.

The integration automatically creates a ‘Github Issue’ column that has a clickable title in it. But that column is of little use as a link field because:

a) it has the title in it, potentially making it really long in the table
b) if anything I want to have the title of the issue in the first/primary column

So what I’m trying to do is already a workaround because it would be ideal to be able to assign the Github issue column (title + link) to the first/primary column. But since that is not possible I’m looking for other ways to achieve having a clickable url in the table.

Thanks in advance for your repsonse!