Getting Dashboard's workspace_id

Hey all,
One of our dashboard’s widget app flows is to create boards on behalf of our users.
As the dashboard might be located in different workspaces, we need to get the workspace’s id to which the dashboard is attached to, so we will create the board in the right workspace.
How can we retrieve the workspace_id?
We couldn’t find it using the monday.get("context") api call.


Hello @etaytch!

As of today, there is no way of retrieving the workspace ID from a dashboard using our API.

I will be glad to add it as a feature request if you want :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey @Matias.Monday!
Honestly I think it’s a must-to-have feature for apps that create boards.
Given a common monday account with its boards organized in multiple workspaces, it will be quite confusing for an app to always set a new board on the main workspace.

In this case the user will have to be aware of that and to move boards across workspaces manually.

What to you think?

Hello again @etaytch,

I can see how the feature would be useful in this case.

I will share the request for it with our team so they can review it and hopefully implement it soon :muscle:


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Thanks @Matias.Monday ,
Much appreciated!

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