Getting Google Oauth verification

Hello! I am currently developing a app for the Apps challenge and my app highly relies on using its user’s Google Calendar data. The app is nearly finished(planing for completion by this Thursday), and it has a full google authentication flow that is required for each of its users. The problem with this is that Google requires that any apps accessing its user’s data go through an extensive verification process. I have already submitted my app to Google for approval but I am worried it might not get verified in time for November 30th. I was wondering if any of the community members have had experience getting Google Oauth verification and know of anyways to speed up this process. Also, this might be a longshot but since itself uses Google authentication and uses numerous Google integrations do you all have a way I could leverage’s usage of Google to get his verification process done faster?

Any help is much appreciated,
Eric Detjen

Hey @EricMonday - as far as I’m aware there is no way to leverage the monday Google authentication in the meanwhile.

However perhaps other members of the community can shed some further light on this or speeding up the approval from Google.


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