Getting invalid_scope error while trying to request "workspaces:read" access


I was trying to do an authorization with this scope “workspaces:read”, but API returned 403 invalid_scope error.

I get the same error even if I specify scope like this:
“me:read boards:read workspaces:read users:read account:read tags:read teams:read”

If I try to do the authorization without specifying scopes or just specify scope like “me:read” then it will work.

Please help me to understand the problem.


Hello @nairihar!

Can you please send an email to with screenshots or a screen recording of the entire configuration of your app, the steps you are taking and the error you are getting so we can take a closer look and give it some following?

Looking forward to hearing from you :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve sent an email with details.

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It seems that your API is not getting hit properly.Use Postman to call the API and enter the proper parameter.If your API is correct and you are passing the correct parameter it will work.

Rachel Gomez