Getting issues in api

Hi there, Hope you everyone is doing good.
in in table i have some data, and i have also uploaded image to that data too, so whenever i fetch the data i got all the response but whenever i try to access the image it gives me an error. like auth and in console it shows CORS, can anyone please help me.
I am using monday-sdk-js - npm this
Language: JavaScript.

Hey there @voidSol

So sorry for the delay on this! To be transparent with you, I’ve found your topic by accident in the Workflows section while scrolling - if you are building a custom monday app on top of the platform, it’s best to post in the Monday Apps and Developers section.

As for the error you are experiencing, could you please clarify if you are creating a View app or an Integration feature? You will indeed not be able to open or show the file in your app, unless you download the file directly via the “public_url” field. In such cases, it might be better to open the Item card view and allow the user to preview the file within the platform instead.

I hope this helps clarify. Let me know if there’s any further detail we could provide.