Getting the board view name of my app's board view?


Tried to get the view name of my custom board view using this and got only the non-app board views. Is there a way to get my app’s board view name in the user’s board?

query BoardViews($boardId: Int!) {
  boards(ids: [$boardId]) {
    views {


Hey @rbabayoff - welcome!

Could you send us a screenshot of what you are getting in return when you try to run this query? Are you not seeing the custom board views at all?

I tried running that query on a test account but was able to see custom app views returning, along with their name:

Look forward to hearing back from you!


Hey, @dsilva, thanks and great being here.

My bad, I actually do get it as type FeatureBoardView. What confused me is that I saw only 2 views instead of 3 that I thought exist on my board. Turns out that you guys don’t return Main Table as a view.

@rbabayoff Ah - that makes sense! On the backend its a bit different than a standard view (since it’s basically the ‘main’ table / way to use the table). Glad you were able to find what you were looking for!