Getting the wrong board id in a web hook triggering when a subitem is updated

Something strange happens when my webhook receives some data from Monday. It gives me the wrong board id.
This is the board id I’m getting:
When actually the board id is: 2167071773

When I’m trying to put the board id I got from the web hook in the url, it redirects me to the correct board id.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

hi @DanLiebeschutz

I guess the data is send from a one of these webhooks:

  • When a sub-item is created - create_subitem ;
  • When any sub-item column changes - change_subitem_column_value ;
  • When a sub-item name changes - change_subitem_name ;
  • When an update is posted in sub-items - create_subitem_update ;

See also: Webhooks

What you are seeing as the boardId is not the wrong board it’s the board where subitems actually lives. Subitems live in their own board (one subitems board for each main board) and as documented the webhook returns the boardId of the subitem board.

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Thank you! @basdebruin. Helped a lot!

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