Github Integration request

Hi guys !
I don’t know if it has already been asked but I’m searching for a way to fully automate our bug fixing board with our Github.

I would like to have this kind of automation :

  1. When a pulse is created, then an issue is created in a certain repository (I have a multiple choice column where I enter the platform on which the bug is) so the idea would be to have as well in the first automation part : if an issue is created with “Platform column” == “iOS” then create an issue in the repository iOS on our github

So far I only managed to have an issue automatically created in a certain repository but I can’t specify which one.
So the idea would be to have a new recipe to include a status column filter for a specific repo

  1. A second part of the automation would be to automatically update the pulse previously created with any update posted in the issue that was created and linked to the pulse.

So far I didn’t manage to do it, I only found a way to create a pulse automatically when an issue is created :confused:

Here the idea would be to have a new integration from github to monday as well

This is quite an important feature for us as it would mean a full integration with our dev Github and a more thorough use of our Monday :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any questions !



Hi Barth,

Thank you for sharing this request with us! I can definitely see how adding a condition to the current recipe - when an item is created, create an issue in “Repository x” - would be impactful for users such as yourself.

What I will do is share this feedback and request with our integration team so that they can review for future iteration changes!

Please do continue to surface new requests so that we can continue to communicate with the devs on our end to improve the features as much as possible :slight_smile: