Give API Acces for not admin users

i’m working on synchronisation script beetween Monday and our businees internal solution.

I want to get some private or shared boards datas via API, but the api is limited to admin users.
How can permit a user to acces to monday with api, but without give the power of god ?

Hey Geoffrey,

The API key is only available for admin users, but if you don’t want to make a certain user an admin you have a couple of options:

  1. Give them an existing admin’s API key
  2. Create a dummy user on your account, make them an admin, and give this dummy user admin access. Then, give the user this dummy user’s API key

What do you think?


Hi Dipro,

My team is facing a similar situation - thanks for chiming in here!
The dummy account workaround is really the only realistic option here - giving out an existing admin’s API key will give anyone with that key access to any private boards that admin has.

The biggest issue (beyond the API key only being accessible to admins) is the overall admin structure within Monday. It should be a pretty basic feature - delegating different levels of admin access (ie. super admin has access to everything, all other admin features are delegated on a case-by-case basis). As it currently works, there is only 1 level of admin access - full access - which in reality enables any admin to remove board owners and place themselves as the owner.

Monday should make this a priority - break the admin features into several groupings (billings, team membership, API access/security, branding/customization) and allow the master admin to delegate select admin capabilities to certain users based on their needs.

Hope this can be put in the works relatively soon - the admin feature is too powerful as is and creates situations where teams need to make “dummy” accounts just to access certain features.