Global Lists across boards - contacts, addresses, groups of anything that can be referenced across boards

Hi there,

  • Use case
    We use for managing projects, processes, product shipping, tracking tasks and so on. We want to hook it into other areas like support, sales leads, etc. but it doesn’t really lend itself to some of these things, especially when it comes to working on things like common contacts.

We would love to be able to have global (across all of our boards) lists of items that we can reference as valid values for a field, where you could search the list as you type into a specific field.

Where I first wanted to see this was contacts - rather than having to keep typing in a contact name, and their email address, I’d love to have a list of contacts we can use in various places (say, for shipping an item, typing the contact details in each time for regular customers, is a pain).

Same goes for sales cycles, if we use as a bit of a CRM, contacts are critical.

This is not the only kind of list of items we’d like to see, we’d like the flexibility to be able to have a list of ‘anything’ (product codes/product names, contacts, standard package weights/sizes, etc.)

It would be good for an item, to have linked information to it (for example name: Joe Smith has linked data like Joe Smith’s email address, Joe Smith’s postal address, billing address, phone number, etc).

For products - a name may link to a SKU, an ISBN, etc.

In other words, it would be good for this to be a set of tables that are relational, and the data from those relations could be referenced in columns, for example:
contact:Name, contact:postalAddress, contact:emailAddress

*Pain point
The pain point we’d like to solve is getting rid of manual entry every time and manually looking up information we use frequently, speeding things up, reducing human error and making ‘like’ things easier to find… including in a ‘CRM’ mode, being able to find ‘all items shipped to Joe Smith’ or ‘All email interactions with Joe Smith’, etc.

  • Impact to team
    Having no central lists that crosses all boards, means we can have disparate information across that should be centralised, it can make some things hard to find/reference (as we may not have consistency across boards, for basically the same thing), and it slows us down trying to find things sometimes - especially if there’s a typo!

In short, it’s just painful to type everything in (like contacts), that we use frequently, doing so manually, every time is not ideal.

  • List any workarounds you may have tried and to what degree this is solving the issue for you.
    Manual data entry.

We’d love some sort of global lists we can use, it would make life so much easier! Other ideas on how to achieve what we want (like contact lists, product lists, etc. that can be referenced/sourced from any board) would be very welcome.


Connected Boards and Mirror Columns may be the solution you’re after.

I started by creating a CRM workplace, utilising a straightforward Board setup - one for Companies, Contacts, Pipeline and Suppliers. Each board contains columns for all key information relating to the board i.e. Companies (Name, Address, Product line, Status, Support type etc.), Contacts (Name, Title, Email, Telephone etc.)

Once these are done, you can utilise CONNECT BOARDS column type in every other board (Sales, Projects) to ‘link’ a particular item to the related Company or Contact.

Once a board is connected, you can use the mirror column to pull through any related information.

Links below to the support for both these items.

Connect boards: Connect Boards Column (Previously Link to Item Column) – Support

Mirror columns: The Mirror Column – Support