Globalize Tags Throughout the Entire System

Right now tags are specific to boards and not a global item. In other words if I have 3 boards all with the same tag than the system creates 3 different tags. While the Search Everything will still work and show you everything from all 3 boards that have that tag the dashboard widgets cannot handle grouping the data from those 3 different tags together properly. You also end up with a very cluttered tag setup where you may have the exact same tag multiple times. Considering the purpose of the tags I would think globalizing them would make the most sense so you can then use the same tag across multiple boards and your dashboard would know how to handle it.

Attached are a couple of screenshots showing you the problems this creates. The first is just a cluttered tag list with multiple of the same tag. The second is a pie chart on the dashboard with the same tag showing as separate pieces of the pie when we really need the same tag to show as one piece.

cc: @Hans


+1 on this.
there has to be global tags


+1 on this.

I agree global tags are a necessity.


+1 to the idea of Global tags.

As an addition, if the tag colors could be the same across different boards, that would be great :wink:

Right now, the same tag on two different boards has two different colors. Search everything will still group them correctly, but I think having the colors be consistent will be a nice quality of life fix


+1 for global tags - they are essential


I agree with global tags, and personal or local tags for a Board or User. I would also need then, in admin, a tag manager.


This would make my life so much easier.


Yes, this would be great! Really need global tags!

+1 for global tags - agree with all other comments

Has this been done yet?

What is the status with this?

Are tags still board specific? Or are they account-wide?

Is there a way of deleting tags eg. that are unused?