Gmail Integration: Multiple email addresses in a single email message

Is there a way to send gmail emails to multiple email addresses in a single email rather than as separate emails?


Hi @Sapphire!

Thanks for writing in! At the moment, I’m afraid that there currently isn’t a way to send to multiple email addresses within the same email. When adding email addresses to the same column for an item and adding semi-colon’s between the addresses, the emails will send separately for each email address.

This is an excellent piece of feedback that I’d love to send along to our team for their review and consideration!

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This would be so insanely helpful for our workflow. The inability to send to more than 1 person in the same email makes the entire gmail integration useless for us.

set up a group on gmail and send it to the group

I agree I need the ability to CC someone on an email. Having the ability to have this on the same email would be invaluable for follow-up.