Gmail integration with mirror columns


I have a requests, for the Mail automatisation.

With a Google Mail, I would like to create this automatisation.

I would like to choose a Email ( Column ) , but I cannot selected the Miroir Column… Why ? it’s a big problem for my job.

Thank’s a lot.


@Tshoxoma Welcome to the Monday Community!

The ability for Mirror columns to be used in Automations have only recently been added, but its still a limited feature.

There is a simple workaround that I currently use for multiple automations identical to yours! You will need to install the app General Caster from the App Marketplace. It works similar to the formula column except it process outside of Monday and send the results to basic columns. So in this case, you will have the Integration send the email from your Mirror column to a text column of your choice and then you can use the Text column in your automation!

Hope that helps. If you need more info or help to set this up, just let me know!

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I think the workaround suggested by Andrew could also be achieved with the VLookup app as well.

Let me know what the formula would be to do this with General Caster, please!


If you are just casting an email from a Mirrored column to a Text Column, the formula field only needs to consist of the columns General Caster placeholder, no functions required.

There are three ways to refer to columns:

  1. {pulse.columnId}
  2. {item.columnId}
  3. {item's Column Name}

Hope this helps!

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Hi @zacheryy – I am having some trouble figuring this out, but it’s exactly what I need!

I am trying to go from [mirrored column that includes an email] → Text Column copying that email into text form

Should I use the {item.columnID} here?

Thanks @PolishedGeek for your suggestion I was using Caster but starts o be complecated if many boards and they do not answer emails. So found a good solution vlookup but something is not working, maybe it is not possible.
I have:
board 1: customers
board 2: service requests (linked to board 1 customers)
board 3: offered services (linked to board 2 service requests)

I want in board 2 and 3 the email of the customer (not mirrored because i want to use it in the email item view)

In board 2 it works, but in board 3 it doesnt. I have tried using as source board 1 and 2 but does not work. Maybe board 2 can not be at the same time a source board and a target board?

Thanks in advance if anyone can help

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