Goals on Homepage

Hi there,

One of the ways I motivate myself is to keep focusing on my goals. There is a goal to each activity I undertake and it will be nice to have these goals on display on the Homepage so that I can keep reminding myself why I’m working so hard. Can this be done? Can you create a small section at the top of my Homepage where I can write something which I can use to motivate myself? It can just be an empty space where I can write anything I like or even upload an image or graphic that motivates me.

Very best, boon.

Hey @Boon,

I love this idea! Whilst it isn’t currently possible right now, I will convert your post into a feature request so that our community can vote on this request, to put greater emphasis on its need :pray:

You can learn more about the feature request process here → All you need to know about our feature request process!