Google Assistant with Monday

I’ll like to share something cool we are integrating in our Monday.
We have a google home assistant in our frontdesk. When someone of our team arrives at the office, we say hi to google assistant and tell her to register our entrance. The google assistant goes through IFTTT and posts a new line of text in a webhook. Then integromat uses that update to post a new item in Monday. That way we have a whole board with all the assistance tracking info of the employees.
Everyone is really amazed that now, the responsible of entrance registry is a robot LOL.
I guess someone could use this kind of integration to do something more.
We would love to have more ideas and maybe in the future the monday team could make a full integration with google assistant, is the future! ¿what do you think?

@V.B.Music this is awesome!

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This is fantastic! Just need to figure out something fun that I can use this for. :smile: