Google Drive and Dropbox Integration

While it’s convenient to be able to use the google drive and dropbox integrations to navigate to a file using their interface (Monday Web App only), I can see this function being well-improved if performing such navigation only provides a Google Drive or Dropbox icon as a preview. Pasting a link as a pulse or in a link column is currently faster, even if you don’t get an icon.

As a small improvement, the integration would have a Gmail & Google Drive-style thumbnail preview to reward using the integration by adding that contextual value over pasting the share link in a pulse or link column.

A life-saver integration would browse (with limited options) the files, a paired down experience to how we can review a PDF.
Dropbox has an API for using their already pre-converted previews of user files, in HTML or PDF format, or other formats that Monday already natively supports in file view.
Google Drive should have a similar API, or HTML embed api.

Also, why can’t we select a Google Drive or Dropbox folder as something we want people to access?

Triaging and slowly rolling our similar support across more integrations would be incredible.

any thoughts on this?