Google Sheets / Public CSV Integration

Hey, I’d very much a Google Sheets integration that lets us Sync a monday board with a Sheet. We use monday as a CRM because it works so well with automations.

One workflow we have is when someone clicks a sales link in an email, they get a Linkedin connection from me via Phantombuster and it updates their contact info in monday as our CRM. Phantombuster puts its results in a public CSV and I can use the =importdata(“CSV_link”) to have new data put into the Sheet. Since Phantombuster runs on a time schedule, the result is that the Google Sheet is always updating with new leads.

We use Zapier to trigger on new leads from this Sheet to import them to monday. We have one of the highest Zapier plans and the we use 3/4 of the entire plan every month just moving data from Sheets into monday. It’d be great if:

  1. monday could import new results from an updated Sheet/public CSV automatically.
  2. monday could broadcast a board as a public CSV (which would let me put a board in a Sheet and give way more data visualization options with software like Tableau)
  3. It was only 1 API call to update a pulse’s name, status, date, etc instead of 3+ API calls the way it is now (Sheets does this).

All of these things would be huge for us for improving monday’s functionality as a CRM. Thanks so much!

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@Patrick I’ve been really trying to dial in our workflow with using MDC ( as a CRM. Your process references things I have never heard of, but how do you file and/or capture when a lead expresses interest in a product, or makes a purchase, or moves along your customer journey? Would love to see a screenshot of your board.

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I wrote a piece for you on how we use monday as a CRM with automations!

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Loved reading through your use case! Julia has brought your request and workflow to my attention. I’m currently working with the Integrations team, and I will make sure this feature request is reviewed :slight_smile: A Google Sheets integration is on our backlog, so I’m excited to see how we can further automate your process.


Awesome! Thank you so much!

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