Grab Items across all boards by email address via api

It doesn’t look like it’s possible, but I was hoping to pull items across all boards by the email column.

The use case is an integration with CRM systems. When I’m working in CRM looking at a contact, I want to be able to see all of the items with their email address.

From what I can tell this is not possible to search across all of your boards, you have to specify a board id.

Is this possible? Any ideas on work arounds?


Hey there @chadhutchins :wave:

It is indeed not possible to query all boards by a specific column value just yet in a single query. That said, perhaps it would make sense for you to query your individual boards, and then use the item_by_column_values query in order to get more insight on boards with an email column? This would have to be set up programmatically on your end at the time, I’m afraid, and I do realize that puts a lot of effort on your plate.

What do you think? Let me know.


Thanks @AlexSavchuk - that’s definitely doable, it’s just that a typical use case will have many boards, so that could be a lot of calls to do on demand (which is how I was hoping to do it, just make a quick call, then display the results).

To make this work efficiently, I’d have periodically store all items somewhere (maybe there are webhooks to track item changes) then pull from this.

Webhooks sounds like a good option I am considering the same just that you need manage a data store . But that’s a best option for now.

Is there a way to do this with Zapier?

I have a similar use case: (but I am a non coder)

  1. Search all boards for phone number
  2. Add text to update section for all results

Sounds like I need to do this for step 1.:

  • query all boards by id number. I can do this with a POST webhook currently.
  • Further query results with “item_by_column_values” (Is this possible on Zapier with the same webhook)

I’ll figure out step 2 if I can get step 1 to work.

I have tried but I can’t really figure it out just by reading the documentation.

Looking forward to hearing back!