GraphQL API struggles to return parseable JSON

Hi there, we have developed an ETL pipeline for data from a board. We have made use of pagination and back-off/retry factors, and when the API decides to return parseable JSON, then the rest of the pipeline succeeds, but what is the reason for the API just not returning parseable JSON 4 in every 5 times? Its understandable that the response may be slow if traffic is high/connection is slow, but what’s the point of a response that isn’t usable or appropriately formatted? The API is not reliable enough to return properly formatted JSON and that’s a huge problem, as nothing can be developed around the response if its not consistent in format, and at the least parseable as the object its meant to be. This is really not acceptable

Hi @leo1!

I’d like to get a better understanding of what you mean by not parseable JSON. Do you have an example to share?

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