GraphQL detect item changes via API

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to figure out the best way to detect whether an item has changed since the last time i have looked at it via the GraphQL API.
This is my situation, I am synchronizing a number of records between a SQL database and Monday. On the SQL side I have a field that contains the hash of the record content at the last time the record was synced to Monday and one dynamically changed with the hash as the record currently stands. This way i can easily compare the current status and determine if some change has occurred. I am looking for a similar method on the monday side. Of course I can store the current hash when writing to monday via API. I am looking for an easy way to detect any subsequent changes (without having to load all items and generate/compare hashes). Any idea? Has anyone solved this problem already? How?
Thank you in advance.


The simplest, I think would be to read the updated_at value of the monday items and then if needed, regenerate and compare hashes for only those items that have been updated since your last run.

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Interesting, i was not aware of the existence of this value, i will look it up in the API docs. Is it possible to query the API for items updated after a specified time?



I don’t know what you’re trying to optimize. But one option is to read only the updated_at values then filter and read only the full items of the filtered ID’s. Another option might be to read the board’s activity logs. This DOES allow you to read based on Date/Time.

Hi Marco,

I happen to see your thread, just want to know how did your sync records from SQL database to Monday. I am pretty new to this. Currently I can only do it using a very silly way. I query the data first and export them to a csv. file, then import this file into Monday boards. I have to manually mapping the columns every time. You can imagine how annoying it would be. Would you mind giving me some suggestions to sync the data directly?