GraphQL - Get items based on values from multiple columns (not multiple column values)?

I’ve tried for about 8 hours to find a way to query something like: Query BoardID = “123456789” where “Status” = “Done” AND “Invoice” = “Ready”
, but it seems that the API doesn’t support filtering on multiple columns at the same time. Is this correct?
If so, what might i try to workaround this?

Hi @vibusd,

In an App I would make 2 queries and keep items showing in both results.
That might be less practical to do from Integromat/Zapier.

Could you use integrations to update a new column when either column Status or Invoice changes?
You would then only query on that new column.

Hey @vibusd :wave:

Glad to see you again in the community :slight_smile: And @LaurentConroux , thanks for stepping in and providing a solution.

At this time, it is not possible to query by values within multiple columns in the same request. What you could do is query all items that have a Status of Done, and in the output of the column values call, return the value of the Invoice column as well. Then, you could check for any results where both match. That might not be ideal, though, but can help you avoid making 2 API calls, and in Integromat, you could save the number of actions that way as well.

I’ll go ahead and change the section this topic is in to a feature request in the meantime :slight_smile:


Thanks for your input @LaurentConroux !

I’ll try with a formula in a hidden column. Then it’s a simple query in Integromat to pull the items needed. Looks like there’s no “IfEmpty” function, but perhaps there’s a workaround for that…

Thanks for your message and reassignment to Feature Requests!

My query is quite a bit more complex than first described, so I’m not yet sure it’s possible with the current formula functions. I’ll see how it goes…

I’m thinking that I’ll create a new formula column and include all the required parameters and output a boolean. The GraphQL query should be quite simple from there.

My query, in the end, will simulate:
Items in Group = “DONE”
where “Property” is not empty
where “Completed date” is not empty
where “Time spent” is not empty
where “Status” = “Done”
where “Type” = “Billable”
where “Invoicing” = “Ready”

I’m hope I can mangle the formula functions to produce an “is not empty” feature.
If you have any hints on this, please let me know :slight_smile:

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Thank you for following up on this! While this would be a great solution in an ideal scenario, I’m afraid that currently, the output of the Formula column will not be visible via the API. You can only see the actual formula config by querying the “settings_str” of this formula.

Since there are multiple specific conditions, there would likely be too many characters to fit in an integration recipe, so perhaps this would make sense as a board view to set up the relevant integration conditions, and then use the config of that board view in an integration recipe.