GraphQL - mutiple column values


The following is my query:

query {
      items_by_multiple_column_values (board_id:826830563, column_id:"date4", column_values:["2021-11-01","2021-11-02","2021-11-03","2021-11-04","2021-11-05","2021-11-06","2021-11-07","2021-11-08","2021-11-09","2021-11-10","2021-11-11","2021-11-12","2021-11-13","2021-11-14","2021-11-15","2021-11-16","2021-11-17","2021-11-18","2021-11-19","2021-11-20","2021-11-21","2021-11-22","2021-11-23","2021-11-24","2021-11-25","2021-11-26","2021-11-27","2021-11-28","2021-11-29","2021-11-30","2021-12-01","2021-12-02","2021-12-03","2021-12-04","2021-12-05","2021-12-06","2021-12-07","2021-12-08","2021-12-09","2021-12-10","2021-12-11","2021-12-12","2021-12-13"]) { 
        group { color } 
        column_values { id title text } 

Expected result: Get all items in the board
Actual result: Only return items without Time value

Is there a way to amend the query to also retrieve the items regardless of the time?

Br, YarHuoy

hi @yarhuoy

I checked this one on a little test board and found it is working. What you might experience here is a delay inside monday between a change on your board and the update in there datastore. If you delete a date (that was in the array you searched for) and run the query directly you might still see that item where you just deleted the date. Sometimes a refresh helps.

Hi @basdebruin ,

Thanks for your reply.

No, I didn’t do any update on any item and that’s not the issue I reported.

The query is filtered by “Start date” column from, 2021-11-01 until 2021-12-13. And it only return the result that with “Start date” without TIME

NEVER RETURN - Items including time:
“1) I want eat Thai food” - Nov 17, 03:00
“4) Iwant eat spaghetti” - Nov 24, 06:00

ONLY RETURN - Items without time:
“2) I want drink bubble milk tea” - Nov 2
“3) I want eat KFC” - Nov 19
“new item” - Nov 28

I am expecting it to return everything, meaning item 1 and 4 in the example above should be returned as well. Is that possible?

Br, YarHuoy

Hey @yarhuoy – at the moment the items_by_column_values and items_by_multiple_column_values queries do not support returning dates that have times. We’ve added it to our backlog as a feature improvement!

The query you are making will only return items where the date column does not have a time associated with it.

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