GraphQL - Query Assistance on Activity Log BRAND New User

I am a BRAND NEW GraphQL user, and brand new to as well.

I’m using a modified query, based on this example from the API examples

query {
boards (ids: 1234567890) {
activity_logs (from: “2021-07-23T00:00:00Z”, to: “2021-07-26T00:00:00Z”) {

when I use my board ID and the dates I need, the query runs, returning the 25 values, as per the documentation, however, I would like to pull back the previous 500 values.

I tried adding limit: 500 in the same parenthetical as the board number, as well as in its own parentheses, but receive errors no matter what I try.

I realize it is something with my syntax, so any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Hi @JM420A

Welcome to the community!

Have you tried to put limit:500 in the arguments list of the activity_logs. It the number of activity_logs you want to limit, not the number of boards. Should work if you add it after the to:

@basdebruin , that worked perfectly, thank you!

Any idea why my activity log would show -4 for the user ID? When I ran the query, 31% of the values came back with -4 as the user id, which doesn’t relate to an actual user.


Not 100% sure (some time ago I saw -4). It is either for automations, guest users or deleted users.

Hello @JM420A!

Welcome to the community!

user_id -4 is for automations as @basdebruin suggested!

Thank you @basdebruin !!

Thank you @Matias.Monday , I knew we didn’t have any users >that< productive :smiley:

Hahhha I am glad you are making the most out of monday’s tools for productivity then @JM420A !