Graphql validation error in monday app

Hi !
Im developing a monday app in which I try to create a new group and items in the board …
Im using monday sdk , while sending :
mutation { create_group (board_id: (boardID), group_name: 'new Group') { id } }

I get "Graphql validation error "…

before that I sending several querying and its works fine .
I tried to run it with all the permissions available for the app

hope someone has an answer

Hey @meetee ,

you need to use double-quotes instead of single-quotes and the brackets around boradID aren’t valid in the query.

Your mutation would look like this:

mutation { 
  create_group (board_id: 1234, group_name: "new Group") { 

You can try your queries in the Playground.

For more information you can visit the API documentation.


thank you a lot!
ill check it , I run into some another question , maybe you could assist with that either

can I navigate the user to the main view of the board by the monday sdk ?
the use case - he finishing submiting something at my app and then I want to navigate him back

thank a lot!

The mondaySDK is basicly allowing you to read and manipulate data on

So any functionally you want to implement, like navigating. You have to implement a logic in your code of your app.

I’m not sure what you are trying to build, but I guess your app is in an iframe on the board already.

Hopefully that helps.
Correct me if I misunderstood you :slight_smile:

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Im building kind of a form (the available form is irrelevant for my use-case) that after submitting - I want to navigate the user automaticly to the main board view … (to take it from my app view to the main view)
I didn`t find any docs on this case and dont have any idea how to implement it
hope I explain myself better now

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Hey there @meetee :wave: Welcome back to the community :slight_smile:

@TMNXT-Dev thanks so much for jumping in here and helping out with the mutation! You’re always out here for our users :slight_smile:

@meetee as far as I understand, you’ll simply need to add logic to your code that would redirect the users parent window upon an actino within the iFrame. If so, I believe this StackOverflow thread might help with achieving that:


@AlexSavchuk Thank you !!!

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@meetee of course! I’m glad our community was helpful :slight_smile: