Gray Status Label

I wanted to ask the question.

Has anyone ever used the Gray Status as a legit label before? I mean not just using it as a blank (not started) status but actually giving it a term and putting it to use.
If you have…has it created issues with automations? We have about three different status label columns that are gray and wondering if this is tied to our due date issues that we are experiencing.

We use it quite often as one of the status and name it accordingly. However I would really like to be able to remove the grey status. If it is named you can integrate it into automations without problems.

Thanks for your response. We have it integrated and have been trying to work through some workflow issues. This was one of my last thoughts that the gray status may be giving us some problems.

I can confirm what @dk_NFroehlich is writing. The grey status can be used in automation and you can name it. The only thing you can’t change is its color. There is just one thing to keep in mind when using it in automations. When a status column is cleared (e.g. by “Clear cell value” of by the backspace key) the status value will be set to this grey / default value.

What do you mean “Clear cell value”?

When you right-click (in a browser) on a status cell the first option form the menu is “Clear cell value”

Got it. Thank you for clarifying that.

We use it in automations and give it a variety of names based on its application, sometimes we also leave it with no name. Some examples would be Pls Make Selection, Automated Column, N/A, Default, etc.