Greater Control about Advanced Filters (and + or)

this is majorly needed!

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Monday please hear us on the and + or filter!!

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Created a community account just to vote on this one :upside_down_face:


Same here. Really need this feature for company dailies as well as faster quick filter for sub task owners.
I also created a community account just in order to reply to this thread.

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I came across it during work with Monday and automatically googled community forum issue. This is huge issue for us. So +1 vote.


Can you please add this to Monday as soon as possible, please. We cannot move without it. Thank you.

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I wanted to find out how to do this, thinking I must be missing something obvious, which is how I found this thread.

It’s pretty shocking to learn that monday chooses not to implement such a basic feature. This is “user friendly simplification” to the point of uselessness.


Monday, please implement this as soon as possible, it will make the filters sooo much more usable.

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still collecting dust after 1000+ days without attention from the team :yawning_face:

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uh huh… :clown_face:

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Hi Everyone! Thank you for all the valuable feedback. Our dashboards development team, is currently working on adding adding more control to advanced filters on dashboards and are hoping to release this in the coming months and share it with our community.

To be the first to now about the updates make sure to turn your notifications on for this post. How to turn on notifications for a topics

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Hi John! Last year we launched a new feature request process in which we give the top requested features a status update. You can read more about the new process here: All you need to know about our new Feature Request process

We recently updated many requests and entered many request from the community to our 2024 roadmap! Keep voting and checking back on your favorite features. If you want to be notified of new updates certain requests, make sure to turn on your notifications.

Hey everyone, Amber here from the team!

As we continue with product discussions in this area, I want to make sure that your voices remain heard at every point in the process and that your insights continue to shape our focus and direction.

I’d love to hear more from you about your ideal vision of how more advanced filtering could best work for you.

What possibilities does the combination of AND +OR filtering open up for your workflows? Are there other functionalities within the filtering experience that you believe could help you work more effectively? Consider things like available fields, the conditional statements (contains / is / is not etc) and the dynamism of the filtering experience.

If you could share more about how you ultimately envision using these filters to achieve more, maybe that could shed some light on what options would work best for different use cases!

Looking really forward to hearing all your thoughts :pray:

@dk_NFroehlich @hlopezvc @TaylorTedesco @PolishedGeek @Danl @BenH @broskisworld @BenGregory @ulfhednar @Kristian would love to hear your thoughts here!

@GeoffAirey @MaricaM @skyline @gwsavuk @adhofdfds @EMorton @Dieter @hughmacken @daniel.jarolim @Tommy would love to hear your thoughts!

In case this wasn’t mentioned: this request should apply not only to Filters, but to Automations as well.

Currently, I have a team of 7 people. The ideal workflow for us would include more than one option to trigger a task…not simply forcing one very specific parameter (the AND function), but asking the system to allow one OR the other to be true in order to run the auto.

Example Automations:
When Status1 changes to ABC
and only if Status2 is 123 OR 456
assign Person1 AND Person2 as This Person
and start TimeTracking1

When Status1 changes to ABC
and only if Status2 is 987 OR 654
and only if Dropdown3 is QQQ OR RRR OR SSS
assign Person3 AND Person4 as This Person
and change Status3 to <=>

When Status1 changes to ABC
and only if Status2 is 987 OR 654
and only if Status3 is &&& OR $$$
and only if Dropdown3 is QQQ OR RRR OR SSS
assign Person5 AND Person6 as This Person

When Status9 changes to XYZ
and only if Person1 OR Person2 are assigned as This Person
move item to Group1
and notify Someone1


@amber I think my use cases in the opening statement are what I need primarily and @vjabbinante13 pretty much added the only thing that I would need on top.

So simply put a combination of different states/entries of columns should be usable as a trigger for filters and automations.

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Hi community! Nitzan here from the team.

We’re in the process of developing a new feature to address the AND+OR capability discussed in this thread. But we can’t do it without you.
We would love you guys to join a usability session and help us shape the future of filters in Please feel free to reach out for joining to this session
Your feedback matters!

@dk_NFroehlich @hlopezvc @TaylorTedesco @PolishedGeek @Danl @BenH @broskisworld @BenGregory @ulfhednar @Kristian

This request says that it is released, however I can not individually select the and/or option for the advanced filters. It still sets the and/or for all of the filters that are added. Am I missing something?

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@monday I am still looking for a response to this question.