Group by formula column type in time tracking widget

In the dashboards time tracking widget, there is currently no option to group by a formula column type.

Under ‘Choose a column type to group by’ it only gives people, status, tags, text, boards, time tracking sessions.

We would like to group by a formula column. Please could that be added to the list?

Hi @lauralev please could you include an option to group by a formula column in the time tracking widget?

Our team members each have their own separate time tracking columns in our client boards (because in the time tracking widget if two or more people have time tracked in one client board column, the total time shows in their personal time tracking widgets, not their individual time).

We use a formula column to see the total time tracked for each pulse. That means, to see the total time for each client board by month or by week in the time tracking widget, we need to group by the formula column, which isn’t possible.

Please can this be addressed?

Alternatively, we need to address the issue of total time being shown in a time tracking widget instead of individual time.

Yes, I agree, this feature would be helpful. We have a formula for a timeline column that totals the amount of days particular projects are running. We would like a way to capture those totals and drill down what those total number of days are attached to (many different types of projects running at the same time).