Group level permissions

Hi @all,

we are using shared boards to plan and communicate project updates, tasks and deliverables with our clients, so far pretty standard i guess :wink:
but it would be awesome if we could not only have the “public” tasks in this board, but also all internal to dos for example during the on-boarding process, for example contract status, down payment received etc. Therefore we would need the feature to restrict the visibility of whole groups or tasks, since these are not relevant for the clients to view. But for us it would be really convenient to have the entire user journey in one sharable board!

Any plans on adding this feature soon? Thanks a lot!

Hi @Julian,

Aviram here, the Product Manager for the team responsible for permissions. Your feedback is coming at a perfect timing as in the next few weeks we will start rolling out the ‘item viewing permissions’ feature to the platform.

This will allow to set up a board in a way that users will only be able to see items assigned to them and nothing else on a single board. This feature will be available for the Enterprise package.

Thanks for the feedback!


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@avirampm We have a pro account for 50 users and hiding this feature away behind the enterprise level quite frankly is an insult. We can’t afford anything higher as a nonprofit and this effectively prevents us from moving more processes into These kinds of moves are making us less likely to remain long term customers. really is hurting itself here. I keep advocating for the product in our organization, but you’re making it really hard. First workspace visibility permissions, now this. Why even offer large scale pro tiers if the features to make them effective are locked behind enterprise?

Awful move. You’re intentionally crippling the value of any tier but enterprise for larger accounts. This is not how you build a loyal customer base.

Love the product, but whoever makes the decisions on which features are being made available to what tier of customer is ultimately lessening the value of the product with the fracturing of the product tiers.


Im happy / sorry to hear that…

Its a long requested feature for all users (non pro - pro plans).

Hi Aviram,

happy to hear that you keep on improving Monday. Unfortunately I have to agree with sschreiner. We have a Pro plan and don’t really understand why you would put such a rather basic and widely appreciated feature behind the barrier of the enterprise plan. I would highly appreciate to reconsider that decision.

Thanks a lot!

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Agree with @Julian on his considerations.

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I must agree with @Julian and others on this topic. We are also slowly building our workflows and planing to fully implement Monday in our company of 30 people. We are also on Pro plan, at the monent 10 users but plan was to switch to all 30 once all workflows are done, and a bit disappointed that a lot of what seem like basic features are locked behind Enterprise plan which is, from what I was able to read, huge increase in cost.


Hi All,

Thanks for your feedback - after the initial launch we will indeed consider releasing this feature to lower tiers as well (at least Pro).

Just to set expectations - we are performing a periodical review of our packaging so it won’t happen instantly but I’ll be sure to convey your input.

Have a great weekend!


Thanks for considering moving this up to Pro at least. I have several processes we can’t move into Monday without this feature. It really helps your customers to be more sticky in the long-term. The more we can do in Monday, the less likely we are to look for other solutions.

I inquired with support what a move to enterprise would cost, and it’s completely out of the question as it would more than triple our current annual cost.

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Has this feature been rolled out at this point? Any updates on making it available to Pro accounts? It is THE biggest missing feature holding us back right now. Thanks.

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I have to agree with @sschreiner and others on this. Restricting permissions on a per-item/group basis does seem like a basic functionality that is much needed, and not only for the highest-grade paying customers. We are a small consultancy company with only a dozen users and couldn’t justify an enterprise tier, yet this is a feature that is holding us back.


Hi @sschreiner,

The feature is now in rollout phases. As I mentioned before it will be rolled out to Enterprise first. I relayed the feedback from the community that this should be open to Pro as well but don’t want to commit to anything as this is not solely my decision.

Have a nice weekend.


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Hi @avirampm, this feature was finally released? we are on pro account and we need this to consolidate our boards workflow in a unique board hiding users that doesnt need to see other users information.

Hi @hlopezvc,

The feature is now in rollout phases (undergoing security review) - but unfortunately won’t be available on the Pro tier - we will review this following the feedback we got and this decision could be changed in the future

hi @avirampm, thats actually a major disappointment which forces us to take a look at alternatives. Regarding your pricing these basic features should be available for pro plans as well. “…could be changed in the future” doesn’t sound convincing.

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Hi @avirampm, please reconsider this because not all are multinational enterprises but we are in need of this features long time ago, i think this options definitely are not the ones who will make companies move on to a superior contract like entreprise.-
This tools should be avaliable at least on pro plans.

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hi @avirampm
we just started to subscribe but considered this a basic funcionality. Without this feature, we will not be able to use monday at all since we can not disclose all information from one board to everybody in that board. I dont know what the pricing is for enterprise but if it is a lot higher then pro then we also will have to move on which is a pitty because I liked . Please get in contact with me for a enterprise quote for 15 licenses (if that even exists) or any possibility to get this feature even in pro.

Agreed on need for pro users to have access to this. Without it, the work around tends to be creating duplicate/similar boards and subdividing workflows which takes away from the premise of the program which is to simply and coordinate internal communication. With more work from home/outsourcing the current permissions really complicate things having to carve out a workflow portion to a separate board.

I know I’m beating the same drum here but I’ve have had it on my calendar to check in on this feature every few months. I’m also very disappointed to see the feature has finally been made but is not available to pro plans. My company actuallly signed up for Monday for a specific use case that needs this functionality (we wrongly assumed this was already a feature before signing up) . We’ve been limping by, using nine separate boards instead (not working very well as you can imagine). We’re also forced to begin looking at off-platform solutions as a result.


+1 from me for this request. @avirampm is it possible to be enrolled into the ‘rollout phase’ to explore this feature before general rollout?