Group name searchable

As we are adding more and more information on Monday board. we are thinking it will be so much easier, instead of collapsing every single group and find the right group we are looking for,

  • make the group name searchable as well ( right now group names don’t show up when we search )
  • or have an option to collapse all groups so we can find the right group we are looking for instead of scrolling all the way down.

Thank you

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Hey NayNay,

Welcome to the community - excited to have you with us!

In terms of the ability to collapse all groups, you can do that by clicking on the group menu and then collapse all groups:

Regarding the option to search for a group name, noted. Have you tried using the advanced filter and filtering to see just the group you need?

omg thank you so much


I saw on another post that there’s a keyboard shortcut to collapse/expand all groups, Ctl+G.

This is so helpful, seriously :pray: