Group of accommodation Availability Status KPI

Hello all,

I work for a Tour Agency (mainly selling tours in the Summer, that is, 3 months per year in different locations) and we have a bunch of supplier/accommodations in one area and we would like to compile info in a board where we can also create status KPI showing the current availability level. We can’t really make daily requests to these partners to then have the most accurate status. Instead, we thought that we could compile the declined requests we receive from them when making on demand booking requests. This way we could already plan an itinerary based on the dates where specific rooms were declined.

  1. We have currently one board for reservations where we add subitems to a client’s card, and in these subitems we include information such as, date in, type of room, accommodation name, status (confirmed, declined).
  2. A second board was created so that I can show the weekly availability status, example, last week of June (week 5), good availability, somewhat availabily, little availability or fully booked. The hotels are listed in this board, all of them. I could also make a calendar, but adding 30 items (dates) would be too much and an availability status per week would already be enough

The question is, how can I collect data from board 1, to board 2 and display the current availability per room type, per week, based on the declines marked on board 1 and also based on the confirmed rooms for that specific accmmodation?