Grouping columns

I am currently heading up the onboarding of our Marketing/Design department on Monday. We have been using the project management tool to plan our campaigns and feed jobs into the designers.

Our boards contain jobs/projects that are sequentially numbered. For each job we have columns for…

  • Start date - Date
  • End date - Date
  • Owner - Person
  • Overall status - Status
  • Designer - Person
  • Type (eg. Social, literature, video) - Status
  • Briefing doc - File
  • Brief - Status
  • Briefed date - Date
  • Content - Status
  • Design (Which stage the assets are eg. With freelancer, for review, amends) - Status
  • Design deadline - Date
  • Approval (Which stakeholder the job is with) - Status
  • Final (eg. Published, sent to print) - Status
  • Tags (So we can tag a job with a product) - Tags
  • Channel (eg. eShot, Twitter, LinkedIn) - Status
  • Published date - Date
  • Sent to/Impressions - Number
  • Opened/Engagements - Number
  • Bounced - Number
  • Clicked - Number
  • Budget cost - Number
  • Invoice - Number

As you can see there are loads of columns for each job. It would be good to be able to group these so that they can be minimised if not required. eg. The only jobs that need the range of columns Channel > Clicked are the social/eShot jobs.

All of the briefing columns could be grouped together, the ones for the design department, the ones regarding money. I see it looking like when you have a deadline mode set and the grey box is around the columns.

The impact of the lack of a grouping feature is that our board is very wide. Great for me as a designer as I have a big screen but not for the Marketers on their laptops. Also visually it is a lot of data to take in. You become blind to what you need to focus on.

I would love you to consider this feature.

In the absence of column grouping, could you hide the columns not required and save it as a view named “Marketing” so they only see what they need to see on any given board?

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