Guest Profile Setting Templates/Presets

Onboarding short-term freelancers is a pain. I’m trying hard to wean my team off of both internal and external email whenever possible. My intentions fall apart when we hire third-party freelancers to complete projects for us. They predominately communicate with us via email.

In order to make the onboarding process for freelancers to the Monday app faster, I am proposing you develop the ability for me to create guest profile presets or guest profile templates so I can customize how & when they are notified. I would also go as far as to require certain fields in their profile to be mandatory.

I want to make Monday app as turn-key as possible for them. They are freelancers. The less they have to think about the software settings, the more they can focus on the project for which I am hiring them… and my budget wins.

*This concept can also be applied to on-boarding of my team members.

**I am not suggesting eliminating the ability for a guest or team member to customize their profiles and/or notification settings. What I am suggesting is giving me the ability to give them a head start and allow me to set things up for them before they even receive the software invitation.


I like this suggestion a lot! Will share it with the relevant team members as can definitely see the benefits here :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Julia! I appreciate you doing that!

The best thing we did was create an “onboarding” board that is a walk through of both MDC ( functionality and also a bit of philosophy for how we use MDC. It’s the first board that a new user gets access to (we duplicate it and invite only the new user to the private board) and the admin gets to see their progress through this onboarding board. After they finish it, they get invited to the shared project that they need to use. It’s been really helpful for user adoption.


@onlinepilatesclasses I would love to see that. I wish there was a way to share templates. :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi @Adrian

You can share templates through - check it out!!

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