Guidance for linking individual project boards to high level board and vice-versa

Hi @PedroM.
Is there a way to automatically add a newly added item in the low-level board to the high-level linked items list?


Agreed, this feature is missing for us to really be able to make this work.
We need not only to manually select individual tasks, but also entire groups or entire boards, so that pulses added in a group/board are taken into account in the summary on high-level board.

Hi @QDagault

It looks like you are looking for a solution that I call Master-Detail.

Master boards watches supported columns (Number, Status, Timeline and Time Tracker) on any number of Detail boards and show totals (average, min & max also supported) in a single row per Detail board.

A picture says more than 1.000 words :slight_smile:


Is this available in marketplace ?

Hi @tpaktop

There is no marketplace yet :slight_smile: . It is available on my website but it can also be installed through this link for a 10-day trial

This is a really interesting topic, and part of what I’ve been looking for: an explanation of how to make a multi-board solution actually work. This is where I’m really struggling with Monday, because it’s great for a single board of tasks, or doing a repeatable flow for a number of items (rows), but it needs the project management stuff like Mcrosft Prjct, and this may enable some of that. Plus, I think they just release real milestone functionality, which is great.

Thank you, All, very interesting and potentially helpful discussion.

Hey all! @handsup, @freek-gcompany, @slash

Thanks for this great discussion! Talia here from In addition to the suggestions above I have a few resources that might be helpful.

We have a milestone feature that we just released! If you are on the Pro plan, you can add milestones by clicking into a timeline cell, and from there selecting “Set as milestone”.

You can read more about it in this article, about a third of the way down: What is the Timeline?

@nshamgar at the moment what you can do is use the following automation to automatically add and link items in the low level board to the high level boards:

However, you may be looking to add the link column, rather than the link to item column, in which case there’s no way to add the URL of the low-level boards ot the link column in the high level board automatically.

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Thanks for pitching in. I’m really waiting for a way to have the timeline view filter on something like “milestones only”, which would make a high level timeline overview really easy to create.
Any suggestions in that area? Is such a view on the roadmap somewhere?



Hey @freek-gcompany,

Thanks for getting back and elaborating on what you’re looking for!

What would you think about making a group at the top of each board for milestones? Then you could easily add those to a timeline widget in a dashboard to get a high level timeline overview. Would that be helpful?

What kinds of milestones are you looking to track concretely? I’d love to put this in as a feature request to my team as we don’t have something like this on the roadmap at the moment.

All the best,

Hi this is indeed a possibility and one that’s being used quite a lot, especially when milestones as such were not available yet. The point is that’s a manual effort to re-create items that are already in the board as milestones in the separate group. You can of course create a dependency and then link the dates together, but it’s still a bit cumbersome.

The reason I’m asking for the request is because we are using milestones in boards where the items represent steps in the project and groups of items represent phases. Each phase has a “kick off” and “a go live” of some sort and those dates are critical to understand the high level timeline of the project.
It’s traditional project management, really.



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