Guide – add analytics to your apps

We just released a blog post that explains the ins and outs of adding analytics to your apps: SaaS App Analytics Guide

It suggests some best practices, lists some metrics you can track, and walks you through the technical side of things.

Check it out and let us know what you think! And of course, if you have any questions :crystal_ball:

That’s cool, @dipro
I guess this is relevant to any apps except the integrations like General Caster.
Am I right?

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Yes, still relevant. Many of these tools have a server SDK or API to report events to the analytics engine. You can use this to report events from an integration.

So basically you define an event “Recipe run” in the analytics system, and then every time your block does something, you call the “track event” API with this event and any other data you want to include (automation ID, user ID, etc).

Just an example – Heap ‘Track Event’ API

You’re right that many analytics tools integrate more “out of the box” with frontend apps – for example, you can install a tag and get 1000 data points for all your customers.

But from my experience many of these metrics aren’t even relevant to a marketplace app, so even frontend apps need to create and report their own custom events.