Hackathon Prizes

Hi All
I was a winner for one of the prizes at the last hackathon.
I haven’t received the prize yet and was wondering if there are others who are waiting or know anything about it.
I spoke to the Monday team who said they’re looking into it.
I’m sure everything’s fine but just wanted to check how is it with others.
Thank you.

The delay is on devpost’s side, who are responsible for the payouts - they state it can take up to 60 days (and sometimes even more). Official reason being - they want to process the payouts to everyone at the same time so if someone didn’t put in his paperwork or if it needs fixing, all of us will wait as well…


I was beginning to wonder what was happening. Glad to hear we’re not alone in waiting for the prize to be released by DevPost.

FYI, just got a message from devpost that everything should be processed by November 22nd.


Sounds good.
Thanks for sharing all!

I’m in the same boat. Thanks for raising the question @amit.lzkpa.
I won a prize with devpost few years ago and remember it was a slow process too, but all worked well eventually.

Thanks for raising this @amit.lzkpa. Shoot our team an email if you run into any trouble with Devpost past Nov 22 and we can follow up with them as well.

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As expected, it all worked out.
Thanks everyone for chiming in.


Thanks for confirming that this was processed :slight_smile: I’m glad to hear that everything worked out.

I appreciate everyone’s input in this thread as well - thanks for helping with keeping the community spirit alive. :hugs: