Hackathon Uncertainties

I submitted an app to the current devpost hackathon - https://devpost.com/software/monday-notebooks It was somewhat unpolished; I was up against the deadline, but decided to submit rather than hold off for the next hackathon.

After the deadline, I added some updates to the devpost page, without which anyone trying to test the app might struggle to know what to do.

And today, I uploaded a minor but helpful change to the app itself, assuming that to be OK based on this thread - https://mondayapps.devpost.com/forum_topics/34579-updating-app-during-judging-period

I’m just not sure how visible any of this is.

The analytics appears to show that there have been no installations of the app. I don’t know if that means it has yet to be looked at by the judges, or if snapshots of the entries were taken and installed elsewhere (which might explain the responses in the above thread, giving the go-ahead to make changes). It’s also conceivable that my project description and demo video were poor enough to rule my entry out for further consideration! :grinning:

If it’s not too late (and permissible), I’d certainly like the update I uploaded today to be the version that is looked at. Or if there is testing to come, but it will somehow be against the app as it was submitted, then I’d like to make sure that the instructions I added in updates to the app’s devpost page are known to the testers.


Hey @CMcConnell - I checked in with the team and we see the application on our end and were able to successfully install it. Could you DM me any major changes you would like to make? I’ll see if we can get them in or not.


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