Handling http errors within integration recipes

I need to integrate between monday and WorkflowMax. After reading through documentation I have the proposed solution (please shout if this looks silly).

  1. Have created a Monday App with an integration feature
  2. The integration feature contains a recipe which calls a third party endpoint via a custom action
  3. The endpoint provided by Azure serverless functions handles the transformation of data passed to create a project within WorkflowMax

The custom action documentation states http status 200 must be returned otherwise the action will continue to post every minute for 30 minutes. I’ve tested this by returning 500 and it does what it says on the can.

However, when the 30 minutes expires if the call hasn’t succeeded, the user, action etc. has no information regarding the failure of this call. It seems it is send and forget.

Is there a way I can grab the fact the call has failed, or should I be doing these integrations in a differing manner?

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Hey @alan.every :wave:

That’s a great question! Just to make sure we’re on the same page here, are you looking to clarify what is the best practice for API calls that fail after the 30-minute retry period?

In those cases, I would recommend catching the error message on your end, and then possibly sending a notification through your app to the user with the details of the event to let them know that an integration action didn’t succeed, and either provide troubleshooting tips, or to suggest reaching out to the app developer to investigate this further. What do you think?


Hi @AlexSavchuk

That sounds fine. I’m doing the work on both the app and the api functions (although my main skills reside around the backend code).
Now you have confirmed I can’t really respond to the error code in the monday app I can just return 200 no matter what from the api call then handle error internally as you say.




That sounds like a plan :slight_smile: Glad to hear the general approach makes sense.

Happy building! Let us know if you need anything else.


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