Have option to make any column mandatory

Good day,
We need a feature that will enable us to make any column (not just a text or description column mandatory). It is to ensure that the user completes all columns that are mandatory. If all these columns are not completed by the user, it will also have an impact our current reports that we have created.

Please note that we do not want to use Workflow at an additional cost and do not want any other work around please, we just need the same settings on a column, similar to restricting or hiding a column.

Your assistance is appreciated.
Regards Chanel

Hi @vdwest03 !

Just to confirm,
what you need is a recipe that sets a column to be mandatory, meaning, if the column is not populated by a value - trying to fill any other column will result in the immediate deletion of the value you filled?

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Hi Yoggie,

Yes that is what I mean. We need to ensure that all fields are completed for reporting purposes. We do not want any gaps in the fields in our columns on our boards.

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Hello, you can use the Form view to create new items and establish which columns as required to submit the form.

So you are saying, I can build this exact same board with 32 columns with formulas etc. in Forms?

So the Forms Board will be a mirror image of my current project board?



The Form is a view (not a board) you can create when pressing the +Add view. You can show some column type, but not all of them (people and formulas can’t appear on the form). You can personnalize the questions and descriptions and even send the form to users that are not in Monday.com.

Hi Dominic,

I really do not want to discuss the option of the Forms any longer, this was not my request at all, my request was for the enhancement to make all columns mandatory. The Forms option does not cater for our needs, as we have 32 columns that includes formulas etc. Therefore please stop giving us workarounds that will not work for us and try and prioritise the real requirement we are actually asking for, which is the mandatory column setting.




Hello @vdwest03. I’m a simple user trying to help you.

Hi Dominique,

I am so so sorry, I have been logging calls with Monday.com for over a week now and they suggested Forms over and over again and I thought this was them.

I really do apologise, I was just so frustrated, as I have been asking for this feature since earlier this year. Did not see you were a user, thought you were a support person from Monday.

I really do apologise.