Have the ability organize automations into folders

It will be very useful if there will be an option to organize automations in folders. What I mean is that when a board has multiple automations such as we do (~30) it will be very helpful to be very helpful to organize them into folders with specific name instead of just writing a description (EX: status change automations, notifications folder etc.)

I had the same thought! We are getting to have an incredible amount of automation per board, and its become way to confusing to have all in one big list. The ability to make folders and organize this would be AMAZING!

@monday-team this would be fantastic. Additionally, the ability to organize Automations by dragging and dropping would be ideal. I’ve seen this in another thread, can we get this consolidated?
This would extend to Integrations as well.
@moderators @CXS @CSG

I was going to request this, too.
We are currently numbering our automations and creating a separate list, but it’s been way too much work to maintain.
Really need some folders and drag-and-drop.
Even if it was a special “organize” view, that would be fine.