Having a Date Returned from an Automation move to the next Business Day with General Caster

Hi All - need a bit of Formula help here. I am utilizing General Caster in attempts to ensure dates that are being set via automations always land on a business day (no weekends or holidays). As an example, on the first of the month a series of automation will run to se dates on the 3rd business day, 5th business day, or the 15th of the month. If any of these land on weekends or holidays, it should move to the next business day.

This is being completed in GC as I need to utilize the date column afterwards for further automations.



This should do it:
TEXT(WORKDAY(DATEVALUE({item's Intro Call Date})-1,1,{"2022-07-18","2022-07-19"}),"YYYY-MM-DD")

The holidays ({“2022-07-18”, “2022-07-19”}), of course, should be adjusted to your specific needs.

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That did the trick Jim! Thanks!

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