Having problem working with Account Setting View feature

Hey monday devs, Hope ur doing well, as the title suggests i have problems with working with/understanding Account Setting View feature does the feature build should be from a custom url or something we get after listing on the marketplace.

Hello there @anas0.slack,

You can add the account setting View feature as any other feature in your app! If you go to add a new feature and search for it, you will see it there :smile:

You can use a custom URL or a zip file!


Thanks for the response Matias. But im talking about this section ?

Hello there @anas0.slack,

Would you be able to please show the entire screen (you can erase sensitive data) so I understand where that “settings” button is?

Hi @Matias.Monday,
okay here is the whole screen

Hello again @anas0.slack,

There are two different sections here:

The settings section you see there can be configured in the item view configuration page for your feature, in the “View setup” tab, on the right.

Then you have the “App features”, “Pricing” and “Contact developer” options from the dropdown menu. Those will appear once the app is listed in the marketplace.

Okay thanks for the clarification

Happy to help @anas0.slack !